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Peggle, Resi and CM2009 on App Store

Fever, viruses and hooligans.

Sharp-eyed iPhone and iPod Touch owners may have noticed that it's been a bit of a bumper period for "name" brands on the App Store, with Peggle, Resident Evil and Championship Manager all taking a bow.

PopCap's long-awaited handheld version of Peggle goes for GBP 2.99 and promises 55 levels and 40 Grand Master challenges to test your pointing and watching.

Resident Evil: Degeneration, meanwhile, is GBP 3.99 and based on the CG film of the same name. There's an on-screen analogue stick for movement and contextual buttons on the right of the screen for shooting, knifing and opening doors, among other things.

As for Championship Manager 2009, it's GBP 3.49, and has a 2D match engine and an interface redesigned to suit the touch-screen. You can check out our Championship Manager 2009 iPhone gallery to see how it looks.

Look out for some of these (possibly) in our next iPhone Roundup.