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PC gaming is being "reborn" - Molyneux

Just look at FarmVille, says Lionhead boss.

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Peter Molyneux has said PC gaming is enjoying a new lease of life thanks to the rise of social gaming.

"The surprising thing about the PC, that's just starting to happen now, is that gaming is being reborn on the PC," he told Switched.

"You've got Facebook, everybody's talking about Facebook games and there's this company called Zynga and they make these games with 88 million people," he continued, presumably referring to the likes of FarmVille.

"Everybody's making these big opus epics, and jealously looking at these Zynga new kids on the block and saying some disparaging things, quite often, about them. But it feels like everything involved in gaming is changing at the moment, and changing radically."

According to Molyneux, the arrival of new technology such as Project Natal and PlayStation Move is also creating a shift.

"It’s like I was born on PC. I felt it was this thing that was completely open-ended and that felt great," he said.

"When I skipped over to the console it felt like being slightly imprisoned by this box... But now they keep on giving us this new hardware stuff. Natals, Moves and input controllers - they kind of feel a bit more PC-ish."

Molyneux's next big opus epic, Fable III, is due out this "holiday". Visit the gamepage for more info.

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