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Payday 2 evolves into "final form" with upcoming Ultimate Edition

Then all future DLC to be free.

Lots of news in the world of Payday 2. Yesterday we reported on the VR version of the game, due out soon. Now, there's news of an Ultimate Edition.

The $45 Payday 2 Ultimate Edition comes out on 8th June, and includes all previously released content, free and paid, in one package.

After it comes out, all the Payday 2 DLC will leave the Steam store and merge into the Ultimate Edition bundle together with the base game.

Developer Overkill said all future updates for Payday 2 will be released for free, and that it'll keep supporting the game.

Payday 2 came out in 2013 and since then has received 144 updates. This Ultimate Edition represents the game's "final form", Overkill said.

One of the useful things about it is it makes for a relatively cheap entry point into Payday 2 for newcomers. Currently, if you want the base game and all the DLC, you have to pay over $200. $45 sounds a lot better.

Overkill stressed that the Ultimate Edition does not represent the end of Payday 2. It plans to support the game until October 2018.

Elsewhere, there's a Nintendo Switch version of Payday 2 in the works, and Payday 3 is in pre-production.