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Paladins open beta launch trailer reminds us a lot of Overwatch

Ever get that feeling of déjà vu?

Zany characters. A hero with a huge electric shield. Another who can fire out a chain. A dwarf with a big beard and turret.

It's Over- oh no, wait. It's Paladins.

Hi-Rez Studios' hero shooter launches in open beta today, and to announce it, well... Take a look at the latest trailer.

Regardless of how Paladins actually plays - and after you have actually tried it there are good arguments for how it does differ from Overwatch - this trailer is clearly meant to blur those differences as much as possible.

Watch on YouTube

It's a bit of a shame, really. Overwatch is hugely popular, and while there's lots of good things for other games to learn from, it's unlikely that any other title is going to carve out its own niche with a trailer seemingly designed to convince the uninitiated it is simply more of the same.

As a Blizzard game, Overwatch is not available on Steam. Paladins is available on Steam, however. You can try it now.

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