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Overlord PC demo released

Service game.

Codemasters has thrown up an Overlord PC demo, and it's left a nasty stain all over their website. This one, which is where you can download it, unless you're too lazy, and prefer direct links (1.06GB).

Like its Xbox 360 colleague, released last week, the PC demo lets you throw on the clanky armour of an Overlord and order your minions around The Mellow Hills, gathering life-force from unwilling sheep, and perhaps giving your rabble a few pumpkin helmets as payment. There's also a showdown with a Guard Troll, to which you'll doubtless look forward.

The full game has been confirmed for PC and Xbox 360 release on 29th June, and is much as it sounds - a game about bossing your way through a fantasy land. If the demo isn't enough to keep you interested until then, why not read our enthusiastic hands-on preview, or play around with the "Desktop Minion e-toy" Codies has tossed into the Downloads section of its official website. That's what we'd do. If we didn't have jobs, anyway.