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Overlord demo on Live

Go and get evil.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

A demo for Codemasters' deliciously dastardly game Overlord is now available on Xbox Live, with a PC version expected to follow early next week on the official site.

The publisher also confirmed a European release date of 29th June for both games.

The demo lets you romp around the tranquil area of Mellow Hills, unleashing your venom on the land by using your minion horde. We got a little confused yesterday when the US pretended that the taster had already been released, but you can rest assured now that we're telling the truth. Or pretending to.

Triumph Studios is the fiendish brain behind Overlord, and has refreshingly done away with the notion of being a goody; only evil or more evil is on the menu.

It's also devilishly fun, as we found out when we went to play the game. Find out more in our first impressions of Overlord.

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