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Overlord dated for US

Demo not out. America mad.

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Codemasters has said that both Xbox 360 and PC versions of Overlord will be out in the US on 26th June - the expectation being that the European version will follow a few days later on 29th June, although Codemasters hasn't confirmed that just yet.

The news coincides with the release of a demo for the PC, available on the Codemasters website, giving you a chance to wreak havoc on the tranquil area of Mellow Hills with your minion horde. Potentially, anyway - we can't find the demo ourselves. Hrm.

Update: Word from Codies UK is that the US jumped the gun a bit. No demo yet. The Xbox 360 version will apparently now arrive before the PC one - in the next few days - and the US press release announcing its release today was sent in error.

Overlord has been created by Triumph Studios to let the evil in all of us reign. There simply is no goody two-shoes option, and the aim of the game is to spread your wrath throughout a fantasy world using your horde of impish minions.

It's devilishly fun, as we recently found out, and is clearly one to keep an eye on. Head over to our Overlord first impressions for more information.

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