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Ostrich hammer for Red Faction

April Fool's gag is actually in game.

Volition has revealed that the ostrich hammer seen in its brilliant April Fool's video will actually be included in Red Faction: Guerrilla when it launches on 12th June.

It's an ostrich hammer, basically. You kill people with it. Bird-f***ed!

"As mentioned in the video, without the original thread over on NeoGAF, this hammer would not have been made. I guess there was a plus side to having pre-alpha screenshots leaked out to the internet by mistake," the developer wrote on the official website.

The ostrich hammer will be an unlockable in multiplayer, apparently, and the developer will be revealing more hammer unlocks, modes and changes made during the multiplayer beta over the coming weeks.

Red Faction: Guerrilla is due out for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC on 12th June. Check out our hands-on preview and Eurogamer TV Show for more.

And remember to check out the ostrich hammer video. For a site that despises April Fool's day, we like it quite a lot.

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