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One Life Left makes a music CD

A tip top videogame-themed album.

Chirpy radio show One Life Left has made a CD boasting some of the best videogame-inspired music in the whole wide world.

Dubbed One Life Left Presents... Music To Play Games By, the album features 12 tracks and costs a measly GBP 6.99 from Amazon. And only 1000 copies were made, making the compilation a bit more special still.

Simon Parkin, whose words span Eurogamer, helmed the project, and has included music from The Doyouinverts, The Lost Levels, Optimus Rhyme and Derek Williams.

"It's genuinely an awesome album," said OLL co-presenter Simon Byron. "In keeping with the spirit of the show, I'd rate it 7/10."

"It makes me dance," added OLL speaker Ann Scantlebury. "I like dancing."

Ooh, fancy packaging.

One Life Left, incidentally, is a radio show about videogames. But you should know that by now, as Eurogamer has often pointed you to the live sessions on the OLL website, or to the show recordings on iTunes.

Ste Curran is another of the OLL troop we thought we'd mention, otherwise he might not talk to us again.

  1. Copy - "Playered"
  2. Mark Denardo - "Monkey Mountain"
  3. The Lost Levels - "Early Sheets"
  4. Optimus Rhyme - "Obey The Moderator"
  5. Bracken - "Heathens (8-Bit Remix)"
  6. The Duloks - "Red Wizard Needs Food Badly"
  7. Botnik - "Oil Ocean"
  8. Derek Williams - "Let's Play Video Games"
  9. Frux - "Doom and Gloom"
  10. The Doyouinverts - "7/10"
  11. Project A-Ko - "Materia Girl"
  12. Kid Carpet - "Solitaire Rock"