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Official Ferrari racing wheel for Forza 4

Modeled on cover car F485 Italia.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

An official Ferrari-sanctioned racing wheel is coming to the Xbox 360 this October to coincide with the release of Forza Motorsport 4.

Modeled on Forza 4 cover car the Ferrari 458 Italia, the 28cm diameter wheel has a rubber-textured grip, eight action buttons, D pad, home button, headset connector port and a "Manettino" dial which lets you modify certain in-race settings.

Under the hood, a "Bungee Cord" centring system offers "progressive" resistance over a 270 degree angle, while the accompanying pedal base boasts a footrest, long-stroke accelerator and resistant brake pad.

Manufacturer Thrustmaster hasn't announced a price yet, but we do have a picture of the thing below.

Peripheral-hungry race fans have a choice to make though. As revealed back in June, Microsoft is also launching its own in-house wheel round about the same time.

The Turn 10-developer Forza Motorsport 4 guns its engines from 14th October.

"Pedestrian as it may seem from the outside, Forza 4 represents a comprehensive shake-up for a series that's reached a turning point," wrote Eurogamer's Martin Robinson in his recent Forza 4 preview.

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