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Off-Road Velociraptor Safari released

Best web-game since the penguin one.

The future of gaming has finally arrived and its name is Off-Road Velociraptor Safari.

Released this week, it's a browser-based driving game with amazing physics that you can play for free by downloading a 3MB plug-in.

So what's it about? It's about running over velociraptors in an off-road jeep. You can dangle a sort of chain thing out the back and use it to hook the carcases and drag them to delivery points.

Or you can snag some roadkill and then flap it around, clotheslining other animals. You can also do jumps, and kills and stunts are captured in slow motion. The actual idea is to get as many points as possible within five minutes.

There are leaderboards and the controls are so simple that even people in Eurogamer's tech department were able to move freely about the level without accidentally cutting off their own heads.


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