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Nvidia RTX 3090 graphics card: available now at these retailers

Here's where to find the fastest gaming GPU on the market.

Hot on the heels of the RTX 3080, Nvidia's consumer flagship, the prosumer RTX 3090 has arrived - and Digital Foundry's 3090 review shows that it's a monster. It's the fastest gaming GPU on the market, by a good margin, and it's even capable of 8K gaming. Of course, like the RTX 3080, stock of the card is extremely limited - so we've rounded up the best places in the US and UK to pick up your new BFGPU now that we've reached the 24th September 2PM BST (9AM PT) release date.

So why is this card so anticipated? Well, deep-pocketed gamers and value-focused content creators alike have been looking forward to the release of the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090 graphics card following its announcement at the start of September. Sitting above the more affordable RTX 3070 and RTX 3080, the RTX 3090 is a card intended for both professionals and consumers, sitting in a similar position to last generation's Titan RTX and RTX 2080 Ti.

The 3090 is called the BFGPU - the Big Ferocious GPU - thanks to its impressive gaming performance, which outperforms any other consumer card available, but its 24GB of GDDR6X memory make it a uniquely capable proposition for content creators, streamers, data scientists and engineers. It's also the only RTX 30-series card to support NVLink, Nvidia's multi-GPU standard used for both gaming, creative and scientific endeavours. All of that results in a uniquely capable card that is expected to sell out quickly upon release.

Where can you buy the RTX 3090 in the UK?

You can now buy the RTX 3090 from a range of major US and UK retailers, which we've summarised in a handy table below. Stock is expected to sell out quickly, so do consider checking a second or even third retailer if you aren't able to order from your normal favourite store.

Retailer Price Range
Nvidia UK £1399
Amazon UK £1399 - £1599
Overclockers £1399 - £1599
Ebuyer £1399 - £1599
Scan £1399 - £1599
Aria £1399 - £1599
Box £1399 - £1599
CCL £1399 - £1599

If you prefer Nvidia's Founders Edition card, with its unique 'flow-through' dual-fan design, take a look at the Nvidia Store where this variant is exclusively available.

Where can you buy the RTX 3090 in the US?

The RTX 3090 from a range of major stores, which we've summarised in a handy table below. Stock is expected to sell out quickly, so do consider checking a second or even third retailer if you aren't able to order from your normal go-to!

Retailer Price Range
Nvidia US $1499
Amazon US $1499 - $1599
Newegg $1499 - $1599
Best Buy $1499 - $1599
B&H Photo $1499 - $1599

Of course, you can also buy the RTX 3090 at the Nvidia website, where you'll be able to get the exclusive Founder's Edition of the card.

How fast is the RTX 3090?

If you've come here looking to buy the RTX 3090 then you've probably seen the huge excitement surrounding the card so far - especially after videos from the likes of MKBHD and Linus Tech Tips demonstrating the graphics card driving an immensely expensive 8K monitor in some recent games.

Surprisingly, 8K gaming is actually a possibility for this card, although it does take some sacrifices to get there. Most people will instead choose to game at 1080p, 1440p or 4K, the resolutions Digital Foundry tested more in-depth in their RTX 3090 review. Compared to the RTX 3080, the 3090 is around 10 to 15 per cent faster at 4K, with a narrower gap - on average - at lower resolutions.

If you're considering an upgrade from the likes of a Titan RTX or RTX 2080 Ti, you can expect a performance improvement of at least 50 per cent in many games, while owners of GTX 10-series cards, even the GTX 1080 Ti, will see doubled frame-rates in many games at 4K. That suggests that the card is likely to join our round-up of the best graphics cards very soon.

What's the RTX 3090 price?

Nvidia's official recommended retail prices for the RTX 3090 start at $1500/£1400/€1500. This could increase depending on the retailer and the specification of the card, as custom versions from other partners may receive some factory overclocking to boost performance, more ports or other additions. However, the Nvidia Founders Edition will remain at the stated price - unlike previous generation cards, which came at a premium for the FE model.

Remember, with any RTX 3090 (or 3080!) order you'll also get a free copy of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

Are pre-built RTX 3090 desktop PCs available in the UK?

There are a range of UK and US retailers with RTX 3090 graphics cards available who will build an RTX 3090 PC for you. You do pay a premium for the privilege - and your computer won't arrive as early - but this is still a great option for anyone without the time or inclination to build for themselves.

Retailer Price range
Overclockers (1) (2) £3699 to £3999
PC Specialist £2000 to £10,000
CyberPowerPC £2000 to £10,000
Novatech £2000 to £10,000
Box Cube and Box Custom PCs £2329 to £5079

Are pre-built RTX 3090 desktop PCs available in the US?

There are a range of American system integrators that can take care of the hard work of building a high-end gaming rig and sending it to your door. If you're already plunking down nearly $2,000 for a single component, then paying $100 or so for someone to assemble it for you doesn't seem like a bad investment.

Retailer Price range
Origin PC $1600 and up
iBuyPower $2000 and up
Maingear $2000 and up
CyberpowerPC $2000 and up
Digital Storm $2000 and up
Falcon NW $2000 and up
NZXT BLD $2000 and up

That's all the RTX 3090 order info we've come across so far. Of course, we'll return to update this page regularly with all the best RTX 3090 prices when they're available and as soon as when we spot them, so do stay tuned! We'll also tweet out cards from @dealsfoundry, so be sure to follow us there if you want instant updates as soon as stock appears.

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