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Nintendo's NX console launches March 2017 globally

Wii U Zelda delayed until 2017, NX port confirmed.

Nintendo's NX console will receive its global launch in March 2017, the company has just confirmed - missing the Christmas release window many had expected.

The news comes as part of Nintendo's financial results briefing in Japan this morning.

Zelda for Wii U, previously slated for this year, will now arrive in 2017 as well - presumably at the same time as NX.

Nintendo has now confirmed its widely-rumoured NX port of the game as being in development.

Speaking of NX, Nintendo described the console as a "brand new concept". NX will not make an appearance at this year's E3 conference - Nintendo has said its focus will be firmly on Zelda, which will be the only Nintendo game playable at the show.

For 2016, Nintendo fans have Pokémon Sun/Moon to look forward to this Christmas for 3DS, as well as Kirby: Planet Robobot and Metroid Prime: Federation Force.

Over the past year, Nintendo has shifted more than 3m copies of Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer and 1.2m copies of Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon. But 3DS sales were down overall.

On Wii U, Splatoon sold 4.27m copies, while Super Mario Maker sold 3.52m.

The company also continued to sell plenty of Amiibo figures and cards - approximately 24.7m of the former and 28.9m of the latter.

Wii U fans have slim pickings to look forward to this year - so far, Paper Mario: Color Splash has been announced and er, that's it.

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