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Nintendo's next smartphone game has a release date

Dr. Mario World see you now.

Dr. Mario World, the next free-to-play smartphone game from Nintendo, launches on 10th July for iPhone and Android.

At launch, the match-three puzzler will offer more than 169 levels across five worlds, with more to come.

Each level has you matching capsule colours to clear viruses within a certain number of moves. There are new items, too, such as a Koopa shell which clears lines around it. It's like a Nintendo Candy Crush.

For the first time, you can choose between Dr. Mario and four other Mushroom Kingdom characters who have apparently passed medical school: Dr. Peach, Dr. Yoshi, Dr. Toad and Dr. Luigi. Each has their own special ability.

And then we get to the monetisation, which the below trailer explains. There's an energy system where you can only attempt stages a certain number of times before paying (in the trailer, you recharge enough energy for another crack every 30 minutes).

You can also acquire items to help clear a stage, boost your score, or continue after failing. It looks like you will be able to pay for these with earned coins, or shortcut this by handing over money for a premium gems currency.

Here's the trailer, which includes a brief glimpse of Dr. Bowser in some kind of boss battle:

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