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Donkey and Diddy Kong have finally earned their PhDs in Dr. Mario World

Dr. Kong will see you now.

Dr. Mario has brought on some brand new doctors and assistants to his mobile match-three puzzler - now you can play as Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong to eliminate those pesky little viruses.

Donkey Kong's single-player skill allows him to throw a barrel to destroy a cluster of objects, while his versus mode skill sends one row of viruses over to your opponent.

For Diddy Kong, his single-player skill switches his next four capsules into two half-capsules, allowing the player to target smaller areas. It's pretty much the same skill for versus mode too, but rather than changing the next four capsules, it changes just three instead.

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The four new assistants are Boo, Scuttlebug, Goomrat and Wiggler. Boo's stage mode skill fills your skill meter by 10 per cent more when yellow viruses are killed, while its versus mode skill increases the speed in which both you and your rival's skill meter fills by 20 per cent.

Scuttlebug's stage mode skill fills you meter by 10 per cent more when red viruses are killed, then in versus mode it decreases the time it takes until both your stages start to shrink by 10 per cent.

Goomrat's stage mode skill is similar to Boo and Scuttlebug's, filling your meter 10 per cent more when blue viruses are eliminated instead. Its versus mode skill provides a 30 per cent chance the next capsule you get will be a rainbow capsule.

And finally, Wiggler grants a 10 per cent chance a skill charger will appear when the stage starts for its stage mode skill, and decreases the speed in which both you and your opponents skill meters fill by 20 percent for its versus mode skill.

Dr. Mario World is available for iOS and Android - it's a fun puzzler, but suffers from the typical monetisation pitfalls so often found in these classic free-to-play mobile games.