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Nintendo won't confirm studio behind Mario & Luigi: Brothership, but says "original devs" are involved


A screenshot from the Mario & Luigi: Brothership trailer showing Mario and Luigi hurtling toward the camera as they flail in the air high above an island.
Image credit: Nintendo/Eurogamer

Nintendo is keeping tight-lipped on what studio is developing Mario & Luigi: Brothership.

When asked by journalist Stephen Totilo who was leading the development of the resurrected action RPG series, Nintendo wouldn't confirm who was involved, even though the original studio behind the series, AlphaDream, closed down in 2019.

It did, however, concede that "some of the original developers" were involved.

Mario & Luigi: Brothership Announcement Trailer.Watch on YouTube

"Some of the original developers who worked on the franchise are involved in the development of Mario & Luigi: Brothership," Nintendo told Totilo (thanks, VGC). "For more information about the developers, please stay tuned to the game credits at release."

Who those "original developers" are remains unclear, although plenty of former AlphaDream devs joined Nintendo-adjacent teams when the studio shuttered.

Nintendo unveiled Mario & Luigi: Brothership last week, and confirmed it's heading to Switch on 7th November this year.

Brothership marks the Switch debut of Nintendo's long-running action-RPG series, and the first brand-new entry since Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam appeared on 3DS in 2015. The reveal didn't offer much in the way of specifics, but the game is described as a "sea-faring adventure that unfolds across mysterious islands", and there's promise of "evolved moves" for the Mario brothers when it arrives.

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