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Nintendo Switch has now outsold Wii

And the PS1.

Nintendo Switch has now sold 103.54m units worldwide, meaning it has beaten the company's hugely-successful Wii (which finished on 101.6m).

No other Nintendo home console comes close, though the DS handheld family shifted some 154m units over its long lifespan.

And of course, the Switch is a hybrid console - consolidating games onto one machine for TV and portable play. Previous Nintendo consoles and handhelds co-existed in this same space.

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Still, the Switch beating Wii - and with several years in its lifespan yet to go - is a huge achievement for Nintendo. Let's not forget its last console, the Wii U, which ended its life on just 13.5m units.

Of the Switch's 103.54m units sold (which is a total tallied up to 31st December 2021), 81.68m are the original Switch model. The Lite, which launched in 2019, has sold 17.87m. The OLED, which launched last year, has now sold 3.99m.

Finally, it's worth noting these sales come despite the industry's ongoing chip shortages - which have constrained supply of all consoles. Nintendo expected to sell around 1.5m more consoles over the Christmas quarter, but had to revise down expectations due to stock limitations.

Yesterday, Sony issued its latest PlayStation 5 figures - and similarly noted its sales were being hampered by chip shortages.

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