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Nintendo Switch games are discounted at Currys PC World

Bargains kick in when you buy more than one game at a time.

Currys PC World is offering a deal on nearly all Nintendo Switch games for Black Friday, taking 10% off their total price when you order two or more.

There is one marked exception to this discount - the recent release Mario 3D All-Stars, but that's just one against many, with a lot of high-demand Switch games under this deal umbrella. We've laid out the best of them below to pick from just below. To apply the deal successfully, add the games you want to your basket and enter the code SWGAME10 at checkout.

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If we had to pick the best out of all of these, it wouldn't be easy to say. Most of the games above ranked as "Essential" in their reviews, and many - like Animal Crossing and Breath of the Wild - have become icons in their own right over the last few years, or even just a few months. Honestly, any of them would be worth adding to your gaming library, and considering they're discounted, now might be a good time.

However, if you're looking for more Nintendo deals, there's no shortage right now as we approach the big weekend. Check out our Nintendo Switch Black Friday deals here, or head to the Jelly Deals Twitter for instant info on all the best bargains everywhere!