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Nintendo on Wii Sports 2 rumour

Speculation. But don't rule it out.

Nintendo has dismissed French reports that Wii Sports 2 is already in development as "pure rumour and speculation".

NGC France had reported that a second title may well be in development, perhaps even with swimming, basketball and other sports included.

The first title comes free with the Wii in both the US and Europe, while early sales figures in Japan, where it is sold separately, had it as the console's most popular title.

"We're really pleased with the reaction to Wii Sports - from people completely new to gaming to the hardcore fans everyone has taken to it straight away," a Nintendo UK spokesperson commented.

"It might just be the most popular game this Christmas in homes across the UK."

In other words, they may not be talking about a sequel yet, but with online gaming still to come to Wii and the first game's popularity already significant, don't be surprised if the tune changes in future.

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