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Nintendo has "major" DSi app strategy

Pushes developers to split resources.

Nintendo wants DSi developers to turn some of their attention to creating applications for the handheld's camera and music player.

The aim is to offer all kinds of software on the DS Shop and DSiWare services when the redesigned handheld launches across Europe on 3rd April.

This "major app strategy" was aired during a top secret Nintendo Developer Conference earlier this week, according to Develop.

Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata is apparently poised to speak about a marketplace "increasingly willing and eager to embrace new game design possibilities" at GDC next week.

Nintendo, we're told, is keen to position its hardware as the place for innovative new game and software design, and offer developers new ways to make money.

Check out our recent Nintendo DSi article to see what else we think the console company's thinking about.

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