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Ninja Theory currently building a "chunky" slice of Hellblade 2 before moving into full production

Behind the eyes.

Ninja Theory has released a new video for Xbox exclusive Hellblade 2, and provided an update on its development.

The video, below, does not include any gameplay or any new footage of the game save some hard to make out snippets. It begins instead with a message from Ninja Theory chief Tameem Antoniades, who discusses the work that's being done to make Hellblade 2 at the Microsoft-owned studio's new digs in Cambridge. The video then goes on to present a rather disturbing montage that sets the scene.

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I get the impression Hellblade 2 is still a long way off. In the video, Antoniades says Ninja Theory is currently building "a good chunky slice of the game before we then move into full production to build out the rest".

Antoniades then says Ninja Theory didn't want to do "a straight sequel", rather "something extra special".

Hellblade 2 is set in ninth century Iceland, and the developers have visited the country as part of the creation process. Combat is "extra real and brutal".

Ninja Theory announced Hellblade 2 in December 2019 with no release window. Digital Foundry looked into the Hellblade 2 footage at the time.

Hellblade 2 isn't the only project in the works at Ninja Theory. It's also working on "mental terror" experience Project: Mara and The Insight Project. Ninja Theory called time on online brawler Bleeding Edge in January, less than a year after launch.