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Ninja Gaiden 2 demo flips onto Live

But not in Germany, Canada, US.

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The Ninja Gaiden 2 demo has flipped onto Xbox Live Marketplace and sliced some heads off just in time to be overshadowed by its creator's fiery exit from Tecmo.

However, the demo's not available in Germany, Canada and the US. Major "Larry Hryb" Nelson said on his blog: "You can be sure I am going to have a few conversations with people about this." The game is already out in the US and Canada, but he has no idea when you will get a demo.

Ninja Gaiden II comes out in Europe this Friday, and we clapped and applauded as it lopped off libs and squirted great gloops of blood over everything.

One for the fans, perhaps, as our Ninja Gaiden II review points out.

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