Ninja Gaiden 2


Team Ninja not missing Itagaki

Studio has "most powerful team in history."

Tecmo: Ninja Gaiden will return

"That calling is already here."

Ninja Gaiden 2 Mission Pack going cheap

Save a third with XBLA Deal of the Week.

Team Ninja sings praises of PS3

Reckons Sony console has "most potential".

Team Ninja has three new games for TGS

To appeal to action audiences worldwide.

Tecmo says no thanks to Square Enix

Would rather merge with Koei, actually.

Kamiya wants to "exceed" God of War

Starts by getting into a fight with Itagaki.

Ninja Gaiden II sales top 1 million

In less than three months since release.

Square Enix offers to buy Tecmo

But won't push it if the answer's no.

Review | Xbox 360 DLC Roundup

Ninja Gaiden 2, Halo 3, Army of Two, Lost Odyssey, Puzzle Quest, N+, Rock Band, GH III.

Dodgy Ninja Gaiden 2 content back on Live

MS offers some problem solving tips.

Wii becomes best-selling US console

PS3 doubles 360 sales for June.

New mode for Ninja Gaiden 2 this month

Plus videos with skull locations.

Microsoft thanks Itagaki for support

Tecmo says his pants are on fire.

Ninja Gaiden 2 demo flips onto Live

But not in Germany, Canada, US.

Ninja Gaiden's Itagaki quits Tecmo

Reportedly sues and slags off company.

Review | Ninja Gaiden 2

Come and have a go.

Pre-order Ninja Gaiden 2, get MS Points

A whole thousand, from HMV.

Feature | History of Ninja Gaiden

Twenty years of pain and pyjamas.

Ninja Gaiden II pre-orders get treats

Elaborate and fiendish Ryu armour.

Ninja Gaiden II

World of gorecraft.

Ninja Gaiden 2 gets Euro date

Not far behind US version.

Ninja Gaiden 2 demo coming in May

Full game due out in June.

Ninja Gaiden 2 worldwide in June

With some sort of video capturing.

Create Ninja Gaiden 2 Achievements

Team Ninja open to suggestions.

EGTV: Ninja Gaiden 2 trailer

Exclusive footage and shots.

Itagaki doesn't feel censored

Backs classification systems.

Ninja Gaiden 2

Fresh snaps from GDC.