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Another Street Fighter film

Update: Capcom confirms.

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Capcom is reportedly teaming up with Hyde Park Entertainment to make a new Street Fighter film, due out to coincide with the beat-'em-up's 20th anniversary in 2008.

According to Hollywood magazine Variety, the film will focus on the story of Chun Li, which is good because we were getting a bit bored of Guile.

Variety also reckons that Voltron writer Justin Marks is handling the script, and Capcom has since been in touch to comment on the story, simply saying, "It's true!"

It wouldn't be the first time Street Fighter's been adapted of course - with the series already famous for its comically awful Kylie Minogue and Jean-Claude Van Damme effort from 1994 - also, depressingly, pretty much the last thing the excellent Raul Julia did before he passed away.

There was a much better anime version released around the same time, which got a lot more right even if it was a bit hackneyed (it even had Akuma as a secret character, fact fans).

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