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More support for Revolution

Bandai and Namco sign up.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Bandai has announced plans to produce games for the Nintendo Revolution, according to a report on Japanese website FujiSankei Business - suggesting we could see the likes of Gundam, Digimon and .hack on the console.

The news also means Namco is likely to support the Revolution, too, since the two companies are set to merge this September. Together they will form NamcoBandai Holdings, which will be the third largest games company in Japan.

Nintendo had not confirmed the report at the time of writing. The company has previously stated that "strong third-party support" for the Revolution is expected along with exclusive content from "key second-party developers." Square-Enix is already hard at work on a WiFi-enabled version of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicle.

Neither Bandai or Namco had anything to say, either, but Namco did tell us to expect some next-gen news very soon. We'll keep you posted.

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