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New DreamWorks tie-in coming

It's called Flushed Away.

D3Publisher has announced plans to publish Flushed Away - a new movie-tie in for the forthcoming animated film of the same name - on PS2, GameCube, GBA and Nintendo DS.

The Flushed Away movie is being produced by DreamWorks together with Aardman Features, so it'll have all plasticine in it as well as digital nonsense most probably.

It follows the adventures of a posh rat called Roddy, who lives in Kensington with his two hamster butlers - Gilbert and Sullivan. But Roddy's life of luxury is thrown into turmoil when he meets a chav rat called Syd, and ends up getting flushed away (do you see) into "the bustling sewer world of Ratropolis."

There he meets an enterprising scavenger by the name of Rita, and they team up to face off with dastardly villain Toad. There's also an evil French frog involved who goes by the name of - wait for it - Le Frog.

The Flushed Away videogame will be a story-driven third person action adventure featuring new characters and environments not seen in the film, apparently. Vicious Cycle will develop the PS2 and GameCube titles, while Altron and ART will produce the handheld versions. All the games are out in quarter 4 2006, to coincide with the movie's theatrical release. Let's just hope it breaks with tradition as far as movie tie-ins are concerned and doesn't turn out to be utter toilet.