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NFactor 2 - iNiS good then?

Ouendan dev's X360 tech: spesh.

One of our favourite games at the moment – apart from doing "more like!" jokes in straplines – is Gitaroo Man developer iNiS's Nintendo DS rhythm-action game Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan, featuring a kind of backwards musical Spanish Inquisition who turn up on queue, dance about and right wrongs by shouting. It's probably the most fun we've had with a stylus since we discovered that you can buy anatomically-accurate Tifa dolls on eBay. So what are those iNiS people up to now? Well, judging from a report on IMPRESS Game Watch, they're making an Xbox 360 game based on a very, very shiny game engine called NFactor 2.

As you can see from the high resolution screenshots we've posted elsewhere, their in-house next generation game engine – apparently an update of the NFactor PS2/PC engine – is buzzword-bananas; full of stuff that means absolutely nothing to us on paper but looks absolutely gorgeous in pictures.

Apparently there'll be a game at the end of all of this, which is obviously what we're interested in. We doubt it'll have Asian Dub Federation songs that you can tap along to, but if iNiS wants to segue into cutesy 3D platform games with gorgeous graphics we're hardly going to complain. Given the calibre of design prowess in its musical games, we're expecting big things from whatever comes next.