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Top Spin 2 Wimbledon demo

Henman's out of this too.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Almost forgot Wimbledon was on, didn't you? Well it is, Henman's already out, and to celebrate us not having to hear the words "Henman hill" again for a year (or perhaps ever), 2K Sports has responded by lobbing a Wimbledon-themed demo of Top Spin 2 up on Xbox Live Marketplace.

The demo offers you the chance to take part in a match on Wimbledon's Centre Court, and you have four players to choose from: Sharapova, Williams, Federer and Roddick. Henman is not available which, given that this demo presumably had to undergo quite a bit of testing prior to the tennis tournament, suggests 2K Sports has powerful foresight.

Weighing in at 491MB, it's hardly slight, but it does offer a timely reminder of the game's many charms - as you can read about in our review. It may be expensive, but like Pavlov's children we'll flock to it anyway because it's on the telly.

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