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EA brings Air Hockey to mobs

Phones not gangs. Psycho.

Following success in Americaland, EA's bringing its one-button smash-it-at-his-tits-'em-up EA Air Hockey to European mobile phones starting this month. Or June, depending on which bit of EA's press site you're looking at.

EA Air Hockey is as simple as the pub game it replicates - there are three difficulty modes, simple one-button controls for whacking the puck back and forward across a bed of air, and the option of playing against a friend on the same phone if you get bored of the AI opposition.

In our extensive reading around on the subject, we've also discovered that EA Air Hockey features an arcade mode "with nine power-up items". Take that, internet!

It's due out through major operators in Europe (including carriers in Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and the UK), and you can find it on EA's mobile games website if you're starved of info.

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