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MS tweaks Xbox Live security

Billing must match home address.

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Microsoft still hasn't said whether it's targeting fake Xbox Live accounts for deletion, but company blogger Major Nelson has pointed out that a recent security update aims to help prevent people like you accessing US-only Video Marketplace content.

"Although we will continue to work on providing content and rolling out the service in other markets, US Marketplace offers will be restricted to the US only," he writes. "This means that the credit card associated with your account is required to match the billing address and country your account is set up in."

"Note that we are not banning any of these Xbox Live accounts, as they can continue to use pre-paid subscription cards and Microsoft Points cards."

"We also realise that there may be a small number of international users that were impacted by this change that have a legitimate reason for why their billing location does not match their account location. We are working to deal with these exceptions on a case by case basis and are working on a solution for these consumers."

In other words, if you want to be naughty and download Video Marketplace content from outside the US, you're going to need pre-paid Microsoft-point cards. Or you could, you know, buy the DVD sets instead, since they're cheaper overall.

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