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No online co-op for Halo 2

The super-sci-fi-shooter-sequel doesn't team up for Live. For shame.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

An American Microsoft spokesperson has confirmed that there will be no Live co-op play in Halo 2. The mode has been heavily rumoured recently.

Xbox fans gagging for the shooter - the single-player version of which was sensationally leaked to the Web recently - can rest safe in the fact that Halo 2 will include full clan support and the ability for up to four players to play online through one Xbox.

LAN play is also supported, for those with a penchant for hooking up multiple consoles.

Halo 2 is due to release on November 11 in Europe, two days after the American launch, and looks likely to sell faster than binoculars at a nudist beach on both sides of the Atlantic.

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