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EGTV: Dance Factory

Codies takes on rhythm-action.

A genre dominated by Konami's stalwart Dancing Stage series, Britsoft's finest Codemasters is now readying its very own lord of the dance for PlayStation 2 in the shape of Dance Factory.

Where Codies' mat-stomper differs from rival titles, however, is that it promises to deliver the feature shameless gaming Travoltas have been crying out for for years - steps generated on the fly from any music CD in your collection.

It's a feature Konami has always maintained isn't technically possible to do up to the standard of routines pre-choreographed by the developer, but Codemasters claims its own in-house feat of rocket science has solved this hurdle, advancing the genre the next logical step.

The trailer, with the prerequisite cast of achingly lifestyle disco divas, spells out exactly how you can take your Steps Gold album and in a jiffy become H in the comfort of your own living room. Which is specifically what we're going to do as soon as we get our hands on a copy.

Dance Factory hits PlayStation 2 this summer – head to Eurogamer TV to check out the first trailer.