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Prem Manager for new season

On PC, PS2 and GBA.

ZOO Digital has announced the latest Premier Manager game, PM 2005-2006, which will be released on PS2, PC and GBA in August, by which time Liverpool will be well on their way to defending their Champions League crown. You know, or not.

The presentation and game interface have both been overhauled, and ZOO says we can expect to compete in 12 cup titles and pick from nearly 10,000 players, tackling 14 divisions across the UK and Europe. What's more it's all based on a "first-rate logic system".

PM has some competition, naturally, with Championship Manager 5 having appeared on PS2 (and Xbox) earlier this year, and Football Manager now firmly established as the market-leader on the PC. Should be the Chelsea of management games on the GBA though - which is not to allege that it's pilfering other people's staff, incidentally.

Watch out for all three versions in August.

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