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Big N not splashing for

Doesn't own it, isn't bothered.

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Nintendo apparently doesn't own the domain name, according to a report by PC Magazine (and in case you're wondering, we're actually playing chicken with the internet - seeing whether it'll react to our typing this nonsense up by exploding into an exciting news day).

According to the UK magazine, was bought by some chaps calling themselves Williamette Industries in August 1994 (...nope, still nothing). Apparently they prefer to though, so they haven't bothered to use it for anything. Save perhaps the odd office joke.

Nintendo's not bothered though, with a spokesperson claiming that, "to my understanding we are not planning on using that website" - or buying it, something that Weyerhaeuser hasn't had any kind of approach about either.

Bit of a non-story then... Oh come on internet, get your skates on? Anyway, all very tedious. And we'd have to question PC Mag's assertion that "Nintendo seems to have shot itself in the foot over the name change to its next-generation Wii games console". Even if this domain business was a big deal, which it hardly is, then surely they'd have been pissing into the wind?

Speaking of wind - look, tumbleweed!

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