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State of Emergency 2 finds a new developer

DC Studios to complete work on sequel to Rockstar title.

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DC Studios has acquired the rights to develop State of Emergency 2, the sequel to Rockstar's 2002 street brawler.

The game was originally being developed by VIS, but now its administrators have signed an agreement that will see DC complete work on the title. There is currently no publishing deal in place.

SOE2 is set ten years after the original game, and promises more modes, an entirely new game engine and a huge arsenal of weapons. Players will also be able to drive vehicles, and there are improved crowd dynamics, with more enemies on screen at the same time. In addition, the storyline is said to be much more involving than that of the previous game.

State of Emergency 2 is slated for a release late this year on PS2, with versions for other unspecified platforms to follow.

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