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Silver slimline PS2 for May 13

Sony confirms shiny new version of console and denies trying to annoy Microsoft. First official image.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Sony has confirmed that a silver version of its slimline PStwo will be in the shops next month. You can find the first official image of the new model here.

A Sony representative told Eurogamer that the new console will go on sale May 13, priced £114.99. The company will make an official announcement later today.

Funnily enough, May 13 just happens to be the day the MTV Xbox 360 special gets shown in Europe. Could this be an attempt by Sony to steal a tiny piece of the limelight?

Er, no, apparently. When asked if it was more than just a coincidence, a Sony representative told us: "Absolutely not."

"This launch has been planned for a long, long time and has absolutely nothing to do with [the MTV special]," he went on. Well, it would be a bit silly to think that a different-coloured version of a very old console could overshadow the launch of Microsoft's new baby, after all...

The satin silver console comes complete with a black DVD remote control, but a silver version is available separately for £12.99. A silver vertical stand, dualshock controller, Memory Card and EyeToy camera will also go on sale.

Rumours of a silver PStwo first emerged back in January, when Argos began displaying a product page complete with picture. But the listing was quickly taken down once the Internet got wind of it.

At the time, Sony told us talk of a silver console was "purely speculative" and dismissed the images floating around as "completely unofficial", but, well, now we've got a "completely official" one for you.

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