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Battlefield gets 2 console

EA sticks a number two in front of Modern Combat just to make everything clear. Er, sort of.

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EA is bringing successful PC franchise Battlefield to PS2 and Xbox this autumn, as you know, with the release of Battlefield 2: Modern Combat. But now there's a two too.

But there's some confusion over what that title implies, exactly - according to some, the game is simply the original Modern Combat game with a 2 stuck in the title. The thinking behind this is to make sure that the game is seen as more akin to Battlefield 2 on PC than earlier titles, apparently.

Anyway, it's all about modern-day combat this time, with more than 30 vehicles and 50 state-of-the-art weapons to play with. The single-player campaign, which held up the release of the game for a year, is set in Kazakhstan, and players must "ultimately choose sides in a furious showdown where nothing is as it seems." Up to 24 players can take part in online battles, and the game supports voice communication via USB headset.

The Battlefield series will also appear on next generation consoles, with an Xbox 2 version on the cards, and developer Digital Illusions confirming it is already hard at work on two titles for PS3 and Xbox 2. We'll keep you posted.

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