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Pink DS Lite for Japan

A noble effort, apparently.

Nintendo of Japan has announced the addition of a brilliantly named "Noble Pink" colour scheme to the range of DS Lite handhelds available over there.

Just yesterday we reported that sales of the original Nintendo DS in Europe remained consistent despite the addition of some 35,000 DS Lite sales since last Friday - the reason, ChartTrack's Dorian Bloch told, is that the pink DS continues to sell through in startling quantities, making up half of original DS sales last week.

So the announcement of Noble Pink will be good news for Nintendo UK then - eventually.

For now though it's a Japanese-only commodity - one that's due out on July 20th, and one that will cost anybody who decides toilet-paper-green isn't enough for them 16,800 yen, or EUR 114 / GBP 79.

Expect the likes of Lik-Sang to start offering pre-or--oh they already are. Pre-order away, pinkuns.

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