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EA to publish Batman Begins game

On all consoles including PlayStation Portable.

Electronic Arts will publish a multiplatform game based on the Batman Begins movie, the publisher revealed this week. PS2, Xbox and GameCube incarnations will be developed by Eurocom, while Vicarious Visions will handle the Game Boy Advance and PlayStation Portable versions. All of them should be out alongside the film in summer 2005.

Although most people's memory of Batman on the silver screen has probably been long since tainted by the awful Batman & Robin, Warner Bros. and DC Comics are hoping that their new approach will wash away past failings. This time the film's based around a story that draws on the Batman: Year One comic, with Memento director Christopher Nolan at the helm and Christian Bale in that iconic - and thankfully nipple-free - suit.

"Batman Begins is the darker depiction of Batman that we've all been waiting for, and we are teaming with EA to bring players an edgy action game that captures this tale," says Jason Hall, senior vice president of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. According to reports, WBIE will be taking a hands-on role in the development and production process, but EA will publish the game on its own.

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