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PD0 multiplayer changes

Rare cuts some corners.

Rare has revealed that forthcoming Xbox 360 title Perfect Dark Zero will not launch with a 50-player online mode as previously announced.

It's not the end of the world, though - Xbox Live matches will still support up to 32 players, which is a decent enough figure if you ask us.

However, this isn't the only corner Rare is cutting - a lack of time left on the clock means they're also binning the DataDyne Kill TV mode, which would have allowed you to watch games and upload your best performances à la Project Gotham TV.

But there's light at the end of the tunnel - Rare reckons this feature could still be implemented after the game has launched if there's enough demand, and there are also plans to issue a patch which would allow for 50 player games after all.

And we do know that co-op mode will be finished in time for the game's release, as will the Dark Ops mode - a deathmatch-type game that finds you struggling to survive with just one life per round and zero health. Ouch.

So good news then, but why is Rare dropping the other stuff? Well, we'd hazard a guess that perhaps it is trying to get PD0 ready in time for Xbox 360 launch day - December 2 in Europe. The sooner we get our hands on Perfect Dark Zero the better, so we say good luck to 'em.