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Viperante talks Restless

New PC adventure game.

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Those of you still clinging to the rotting carcass of the old-days adventure genre might be interested in Restless, from Yorkshire-based developer Viperante.

Due out in Q4 2007 on PC, Restless is a thriller starring Kate Jones, a young lady who "loses it all" and then sinks into alcohol-fuelled depression. So far so good.

Unfortunately for young Kate, she's also haunted by images of some woman in her dreams, only to wake up one day with an envelope on her pillow containing a news clipping about the missing dream-lady, and a message imploring her to save herself by saving the stranger.

So Kate "steps out of the shadows" and ends up in a world of police corruption, the Mafioso, secret experiments, lost love, revenge, the supernatural and, of course, an "elusive former CIA neurologist known only as Janus".

It's set in New York City and elsewhere, and Viperante sums it up as "a journey into the human soul, an examination of right and wrong, responsibility and retribution, and an exercise in just what it would take to evolve one person's entire personality completely".

You can read more about it on the website and find screenshots elsewhere on the site.

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