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Battlefront II gets release date

Same as Episode III DVD.

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Activision has announced that Star Wars Battlefront II is out on PC, PS2, PSP and Xbox on the very same day as the Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith DVD.

Yes, from October 31 you'll not only be able to purchase the sequel to the best-selling Star Wars game of all time but also the best film of all time ever you know it's true no arguments.

Battlefront II features an all-new single-player storyline that unfolds over more than 16 new locations, including many from Episode III. You'll be able to board enemy ships so you can launch simultaneous internal and external attacks for the first time, and there's online multiplayer support for up to 24 players on PS3, 32 on Xbox and 64 on PC. The PSP version will feature wireless co-op for up to four players.

The Episode III DVD comes on two discs and includes a full length Lucasfilm documentary, two featurettes focusing on the Chosen One prophecy and the movie's excellent stunts, and 15 web documentaries. Plus there's a playable Battlefront II Xbox demo featuring two full levels from the game.

"From the beginning of production, George wanted to be sure we chronicled everything that went into the making of Episode II specifically to create an incredible DVD experience," said Lucasfilm bigwig Jim Ward, who's probably been in the same room as "George" loads of times and maybe even been out for a pint with him and everything.

"This DVD has literally been three years in the making and it's going to be a fantastic way to complete the Star Wars saga at home."

You can find more than 7000 pages of information about Star Wars on the official website. We're currently on page 3673.

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