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Smedley posts open letter

To Star Wars Galaxies fans.

As resentment towards the "New Game Enhancements" in Star Wars Galaxies continues to grow, Sony Online Entertainment president John Smedley has invited the community to highlight the issues which urgently need addressing.

In a post on the SWG forums, Smedley wrote: "Obviously the NGE has stirred up a lot of strong feelings among the SWG playerbase. There is no denying these changes have upset some of our players.

"While I can certainly understand and respect these feelings, I assure you we approached them with a longer term strategy in mind and with the best of intentions. That strategy is to lay the foundation for a longer term vision of the game that will keep people playing for the long haul."

Smedley went on to assure players that he and his SOE chums are "not sitting in our offices thinking of ways to upset our paying customers" before inviting said customers to chip in and have a good old moan.

"In this thread, could you please list the top issues you see needing to be addressed in the short term," Smedley wrote.

"We will be watching this thread carefully and taking notes, and posting an ordered list of stuff we'll take care of (and we'll try to say how quickly we can do it as well)... If you really want to help, here's your chance."

So far, responses have been mixed. As in, some posters are a bit cross ("How about fix all the ways you SCREWED PEOPLE OVER") and the rest of them are really, really cross ("YOU HAVE NO CREDIBILITY LEFT MR. SMELLY - YOU LOST THAT A LONG TIME AGO. ANY LETTER FROM YOU MEANS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.") Someone's even come up with an idea for a new profession featuring Smedley himself. How marvellously bold.

Another poster did write: "Nicely said, I hope people will use this as an opportunity to be constructive," but they forgot to add that anything to do with Star Wars is inherently flawless by its very nature. No, we haven't played it. We just know.

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