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FIFA World Cup kicking off

The Xbox 360 one, obviously.

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The third annual FIFA Interactive World Cup is due to kick off this weekend, with real-life and Xbox Live qualifiers due to take place worldwide over the course of the next month and a half until a winner is crowned at the grand final in Amsterdam on 9th December, where 128 people, and the winners of the last two tournaments, will be competing.

Not only that, but the eventual winner will then be taken along all-expenses-paid to the FIFA World Player Gala in Zurich on 18th December, and win US$ 20,000. Which is quite a lot of money for being good at a football game. More than I get paid for handing Kristan his backside on Xbox Live, anyway.

The idea is to practice with the FIFA 07 demo already available on Xbox Live Marketplace, and then either attend a qualifier event or sign up to take part on Xbox Live from 1st November at

In the UK, qualifiers take place both tomorrow and Saturday at HMV stores up and down the land (well, on Oxford Street in London, Market Street in Manchester, the Headrow Centre in Leeds, Lewis's Building in Glasgow, Birmingham High Street and Queens Street in Cardiff), with additional qualifiers going on around the globe.

Keep an eye on for more details, and good luck if you're taking part.

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