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FIFA 07 tackles current-gen

This September.

As you'll already know if you've read today's interview, FIFA 07 is on its way to current-gen consoles on September 22nd - and it's boasting quite a few new features.

EA's targeting PS2, Xbox, Cube, PC, PSP, DS and GBA on September 22nd, with a mobile version due out a week later, and while next-gen versions are in development EA's not talking about them at the moment.

What is it discussing is one of FIFA 07 current-gen's banner features - the EA Sports Interactive Leagues structure. This pits you against players who support the clubs your team is about to play.

Providing your loyalty lies with someone in the English Premier League, the German Bundesliga, the French League or Mexican 1st Division, your exploits online will be aggregated and help determine your club's position in the online league.

EA's also promising improved AI, the addition of top-spin and back-spin and better all round ball behaviour, and an improved and updated Manager Mode.

There'll also be expanded connectivity between the PS2 and PSP versions, meaning you can continue the game as you go - simply copying your profile between PS2 and PSP using a USB cable - similar to the way OutRun2 Coast 2 Coast on PS2/PSP allowed you to continue games away from the house.

For more on FIFA 07, check out our interview with producer Joe Booth, and we also have screenshots of the PS2, Xbox and PSP versions.

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