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Konami to release MGS3 theme single

Sing with us: "I'm still in a dream of the Snake Eater!" What do you mean no?

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Konami is planning to release the theme tune to Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater as a CD single in Japan on the same day the game will ship in the USA, November 17th. The single will be priced 1,050 yen (around €7.50) and will include four songs and some digital content.

The four songs will be an extended version of the Snake Eater theme - which was handed out on CD at E3 earlier this year and, it would be fair to say, divided fans with its 'James Bond theme' approach - along with an instrumental karaoke version of the same, the MGS3 version of the classic Metal Gear Solid main theme, and further vocal track called "Don't Be Afraid" which had been a candidate for the theme tune.

Slide the disc into a PC or a PS2 though and there's more. On the one hand there's a movie clip set to the Snake Eater theme, and when shoved into the console the disc can also be used to unlock a special camouflage pattern for use in the game.

Particularly keen MGS fans can pre-order the single from the likes of YesAsia, while a full MGS3 soundtrack is expected out in Japan alongside the game in mid-December.

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