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"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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Speakers announced for London Game Career Fair

Get a job!

The organisers of October's London Game Career Fair have announced a programme of speakers that includes LucasArts' Chris Williams, Sony's Dave Ranyard and Sion Lenton from Blitz Games.

The LGCF invites students, recent graduates and creative folks from fellow entertainment industries to meet and learn from the likes of Electronic Arts, Blitz Games, Crytek, LucasArts and Sony.

Representatives from Evolution Studios and Real Time Worlds, among others, will also be on hand to discuss careers in game art, animation, programming, design and audio engineering.

Presented by Eurogamer, along with our sister site and, the LGCF runs from 11am to 7pm on 3rd and 4th October.

"Working in the videogames industry is a lifetime dream for many young people, while for the industry, attracting new creative talent is vital to our future," said editor Ellie Gibson.

"The LGCF will bring those people together with the companies who need them, and we hope that the sessions programme will make the path to a career in videogames clearer for our attendees," she added, before sending me an email from Cuba banging on about Che Guevara and Star Wars.

For more on how that could be you, head to the London Game Career Fair website, and click on things. Register and pop your CV up, and you may even be contacted by the likes of Eidos, Microsoft, THQ, Vivendi and others we've already mentioned.