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Nintendo talks UK price for Wii

It'll be in line with US and Japan.

A Nintendo spokesperson has confirmed that the Wii will cost us UK gamers roughly the same as our American and Japanese counterparts.

Yesterday, Nintendo announced that the Wii will cost ¥25,000 or less and $250 or less when it goes on sale later this year - the equivalent of around £120 and £135. A spokesperson has since told our sister site, GamesIndustry.biz, that "UK pricing will be in line with Japan and the US."

But chances are it'll be a bit more expensive, thanks to the UK's crazy old VAT rules - our money's on a price point of around £150.

Nintendo has confirmed plans to ship 6 million Wii units by the end of March 2007 - but as yet, there's no word on exactly how many the UK will be getting.

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