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Zombie cameraman given deadline

Goichi Suda's Michigan gets a Japanese release date. We want it over here! Come on!

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Ingenious PS2 adventure game Michigan, in which the player takes on the role of a cameraman thrust into a zombie-infested city with a brief to get as much coverage as possible, has been given a Japanese release date.

The game, which is in development at Gouichi Suda's Grasshopper Company, should be released on July 22nd barring any 11th hour issues, and will be published by Spike - and not Capcom, which is handling Suda's other current project, stylistic action title Killer 7.

Michigan is particularly interesting because the cameraman is actually unable to physically pick up keys and perform typical actions in-game, and has to delegate all the usual antics to the other members of his news team. Instead the player focuses on snapping as much footage as possible and pointing things out to his colleagues.

Since we previously reported on Michigan, we've also learnt that we'll be able to make various moral choices - choosing either to warn the news crew and other NPCs about impending doom, or just let them suffer on film. It makes better television after all.

Although Spike doesn't publish directly in Europe, just last week Capcom Eurosoft released a pair of Spike-published Japanese titles over here - Riding Spirits 2 and Way of the Samurai 2 - and while that's no indication of their intent to release Michigan in Europe, it is an encouraging thought.

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