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NCsoft announces Soccer Fury

Part of PlayNC.com hub.

NCsoft's announced its first European development project, and despite what you might imagine it's not massively-multiplayer - it's a three-on-three football game that sounds a bit like Sega Soccer Slam.

Called Soccer Fury, it mixes three-on-three street soccer with, er, "spectacular fighting techniques". You'll be able to do FIFA Street-style trick moves as well as martial arts, employing a certain amount of team tactics too.

It's not a boxed game though - Soccer Fury will instead form part of NCsoft's PlayNC.com online gaming hub, like mech combat game Exteel, although NCsoft assures us it'll be a "fully-featured, high quality PC game".

You'll also be able to create custom characters that "reflect the streets", apparently.

You can check out the official Soccer Fury website for (a bit) more info, as well as some concept art. The game's been developed in collaboration with Digital Legends. We'll let you know when it's out.